December 21, 2022

Diploma in International Trade Compliance for Logistics Professionals

Diploma in International Trade Compliance for Logistics Professionals

Supply chains are facing the perfect storm with Covid impacts, transport disruptions, increased levels of demand, as well as trade restrictions and commodity shortages resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. Cross-border trade in goods requires adherence to a multitude of rules, which may change in response to international events. Companies need up-to-date knowledge and robust trade compliance operating procedures, to avoid penalties and to protect their reputation and those of their clients. These internal procedures should be audited and updated regularly.

Investing in trade compliance education will help to meet the expectations of your customers/suppliers, to fill knowledge gaps, to trade efficiently, effectively and to mitigate compliance risks - saving you money.

The International Trade Institute’s Professional Diploma in International Trade Compliance provides current and practical education on the key topics that professionals working in logistics, operations, supply chain and transport need to know. We provide world class training, with interactive courses delivered by educators that are specialists in their fields. Our Diploma is recognised by Glasgow Caledonian University.

Topics covered include:

  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Customs for Business, 
  • Risk Analysis and Compliance (including Incoterms), 
  • Origin of Goods, 
  • Classifications and Tariffs, 
  • Valuation, 
  • Prohibitions and Restrictions (including sanctions).

Participants are encouraged to introduce questions and challenges that they face in their work, for discussion and to interact with peers - who come from leading transport/logistics companies (e.g. DHL and DB Schenker) and a variety of other industries (e.g. AstraZeneca, Apple, Dell and PepsiCo). 

Please reach out to us today to learn more about our Professional Diploma in International Trade Compliance and to upskill.

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